Friday, November 2, 2012

Make You Feel My Love

Does anyone here like Adele? I've just been listening to her song, Make You Feel My Love. A slow song rich in emotion, I find it more to my liking than her more popular songs. It reminds me of a rainy day...I wrote this poem with the song as inspiration.

I Hear You

On an overcast day,
Soft tresses of rain
Slide down the glass,
Patter on the roof.
A cup of coffee
Sits in your hand,
Letting off fragrant
Tendrils of steam.
Brown hair glides gently
Around your face.
Gray eyes reflect the clouds.
One hand floats expressively,
Drawing patterns in the air.
Smooth and white,
A slender swan’s wing.
Rain sends ripples of ambience
Across the flooded courtyard.

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