Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stone Mountain

I woke up from a dream one night with the phrase 'I'm a ghetto kid of Stone' echoing in my head. 

I’m a ghetto kid of Stone
Black face, dirty feet,
Angry to the bone.
Living hard on the street.

Hoodlums on the curbs,
Swearing oaths, spitting turds.
Gangstas after dark.
That’s when the shooting starts.

Police cars wait like sharks
Engines purr the city’s song.
Come out after dark.
Sirens, screaming all night long.

Last night I saw the war
In a boy that looked like me
Some blood, not much gore,
And the marks I couldn’t see.

I ran from death in the dark,
My rage, my coward heart,
Danger lurking at my side.
I ran, but I can’t hide.

Got no words left ‘cause I bit it,
But do I dare to admit it?
I’m scared and I’m alone.

I’m a ghetto kid of Stone.

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