Saturday, January 26, 2013

Moonlight Sonata

If there was a song that came close to the mood of this poem, I think it would be Comforting Sounds, by Birdy. 

Update: Also Lullaby, by Sia, You Are the Moon, by the Hush Sound, and let's not forget the title version, though that doesn't really match the mood.

The moon, the moon,
The ruminous moon.
Sometimes rising,
Sometimes dying,
Always radiant just beyond
A veil of wild air.

The moon settled a layer
Of quiet peace on the dun hills,
Made silver the night.
There was a soft weariness
That came of a day well spent,
The night come belatedly,
On straggled trees, creeks bent.
The centuries came, passed,
And never did all the ruins
Man saw made, nor the earth blasted,
Change the face of the moon.
She turned her face to the sky,
Seemed to kiss with lips softly
The loveliness of the moon,
Breathe with bated lungs
The patience of the night.
The quiet and the dark
Seemed to be murmuring of all
Things passed, and yet to come;
Longing with her whole soul
For unknown miracles that lurked
In the cool midwinter sky,
Pale arms flung wide, shining,
She waited…

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